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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Review of Love Your Curls by Taiye Selasi

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Official Book Summary:
Through global research, Dove Hair uncovered that only 4 out of 10 little girls with curly hair in the U.S. think their hair is beautiful.*, They also found that girls are more likely to feel beautiful and proud of their curls when people around them do.

In 2015, Dove Hair launched the Love Your Curls campaign and film to encourage women and girls of all ages to celebrate their curls and inspire future generations to do the same. The Love Your Curls book is a poetic tribute to curly hair, composed of the beautiful stories and photos that poured in as a result of the campaign.

Download, dedicate and share the Dove Hair Love Your Curls e-book. Visit Dove.com/LoveYourCurls to create a personalized version with a custom dedication, poem and watercolor illustration. Then share it with the curly girls in your life on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with #LoveYourCurls.
*Dove Hair Study Conducted by Edelman Berland, October 2014.
Do you have curly hair? Does your daughter have curly hair? Do you have a loved one -- whether niece, cousin, or even a beloved non-relative -- with curly hair? If so -- this is the ideal book for you.

I've struggled for a lifetime with my curls. I always felt 'ugly' or odd for being blessed with my father's hair texture. Unlike my father's hair, my mother's hair is baby-fine, perfectly straight and very thin. In comparison to my mother's hair: my hair is very thick, curly, and coarse like my father's. It's coarse enough that people have even proclaimed, "Wow! Your hair is like a wiry piece of yarn," or even acknowledged it to feel like curly horse hair. (Yes, really.)

I've spent many years of my life thinking my hair was "hopeless." It was hopelessly big, hopelessly curly, hopelessly dry... and hopelessly unlike what I saw be marketed as beautiful hair in the magazines. I can't say that I ever hated my hair because I never did. I always loved my curls and valued them over having straight hair... but I never knew how to really care for my hair. I realized that not knowing how to properly care for your hair is a big factor in why people with curly hair get so frustrated easily. Even if they love their curly locks (like I did), they simply do not know how to maintain them and feel so lost (like I also did).

After feeling like there was something that had to be done about my hair, I Googled and found some information online about my hair. This past summer, in fact, is when I found NaturallyCurly.com. It changed my life! My curls are the healthiest, curliest, and prettiest that they have ever been. Not only do they look pretty, but I finally feel pretty for having curly hair.

Why should I hate something that makes me stand out? That reminds me of my family (my father's parents both also had very curly hair) and ancestral land? Why should I hate something that makes me an individual?

The poems in the book are full of ways to love your hair; it says all of the beautiful things about curls that little girls (in particular) need to hear. It's also inclusive of all curls -- whether they be curls, coils, or even waves. I found it be so inclusive and heartwarming. I really wish that were more books like this!

It was one of the sweetest books that I've read in a long time. I loved how the poems were able to capture the poetic essence of curly hair -- including the self-esteem issues from not having 'pretty' hair, to the fun of it, and the care that it needs. One of my biggest stepping stones was realizing that my curls need more love than if they were straight locks.

If I had a little curly girl in my life, I'd definitely gift her this book in particular! If you know a little curly one: this would make a great book for her. I can only imagine that these poems would be so fun to read to a little one! Even if you don't have a little one: you'll love reading these cute little poems to yourself if you have any curly locks.

This book is a sure way to warm a Curly Girl's heart! :)

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