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Review Policy


I will accept ARCs for review. 

If I'm given a book, my review will acknowledge that I was given the book whether by a giveaway or an ARC, etc.

I accept eBooks (for Kindle) as well as physical copies. 

My reviews are posted on here and my Goodreads account.

You may not post my review without my explicit permission. 

I sometimes use excerpts and quotations from novels in my reviews.

All of my reviews will reflect my genuine and honest opinion without bias — even if it's given to me. I only review books that I’ve read recently in honor of keeping my review completely genuine. 

Any reviews that I write are from me completely finishing the book. I do not feel comfortable giving a review (whether negative or positive) without fully finishing the book. I rarely do not finish books, but if I do, I state “DNF,” on the review.


I read the following (the bolded are particular favorites):

  • Classical literature
  • Historical fiction
  • Biography
  • Gardening and green living books
  • Paranormal
  • Romance
  • Mystery
  •  YA
  • Italian
  • Mythology
  • Christian fiction (I'm particular)
  • Science fiction (depending)
I do not read erotica, thrillers or intense horror, romance with super detailed sex scenes, or action books. 

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